• Image of big baby's bib

As babies grow and develop their skills at the table, the purpose of a bib is to cover their clothes but it doesn't need to be as absorbent as when they were younger. On the other hand I didn't want to buy and use the plastic ones that are typical of this stage, so I designed this bib.

It's made from a thick fabric (about the same as jeans) so no spills will pass throw and the bottom opening helps to catch some food, though not all...

The bib measures 24 cm/ 9.45" from the neck to the bottom of the bib (baby in the photo is an average 15 months old). It can be made in seven different colors: red, sunflower yellow, teal and white (100% organic cotton); aubergine, olive or deep vivid blue (hemp and organic cotton.

You can choose the color and the accent/outside fabric. The "dots" is 100% organic cotton and the "stripes" fabric is organic cotton and bamboo.