• Image of drawstring bag

Drawstring bags are useful for so many things, here are some of the uses we give them:

Large bag
I mainly use it to keep bread nice and fresh, to take snacks for the whole family when we go out, keep toys organized or our clothing when we travel. I also use them to carry nappies and a change of clothing for the baby.

It measures 36 cm/ 14" by 30 cm/ 11.5".

Medium bag
It's perfect for packing individual snacks, it will comfortably fit a sandwich or a takeaway size box, some fruit and a small box with something else, like nuts or little treats. Besides food we usually use it to carry toys when we go on day trips.

It measures 24 cm/9.5" by 24 cm/9.5".

Small bag

It will fit a a single sandwich , it's perfect to carry lego or other small toys on day trips or to keep useful things in mum's bag, like hand cream (I always forget when I'm at home and only remember when I go out to the cold...), lip balm, etc.

It measures 18 cm/ 7" by 20 cm/ 8".

The striped fabric is a mix of bamboo and organic cotton, all other fabrics are 100% organic cotton, apart from the string, which is left over cotton (conventional or organic) from other projects or even t-shirts. Please note that for this reason the string color may be different than the one used in the photo.